Wiksten Tank and Maritime Shorts: New Summer Outfit!

For my first wholly me-made summer outfit, I went with the new-to-me Maritime Shorts and the not-so-new Wiksten tank in bright, summery fabrics.

maritime pattern wiksten pattern

This is my second time using the Wiksten pattern, and this time I did a bit of gathering at the center front so it wasn’t as low-cut and to give the shirt some body, because it’s very roomy.

wiksten pattern tank

Inside my Wiksten tank

I accomplished the gathering by doing two rows of basting, pulling the side strings, and measuring while the shirt was on me for the perfect width. Then I did some careful pinning when adding my binding. Once I got near the end of attaching the neck binding, I pinched the excess and made a seam, then trimmed off the extra which was about 1.5 inches.

floral wiksten tank

The idea for the style comes from Meredith on flickr, who did a similar chambray and floral tank that she self-drafted.

The second part was Grainline Studios Maritime Shorts. Months ago, I bought a few yards of this stretchy red bottom-weight fabric. I don’t know exactly what it is, but I am loving it. I already wore and washed this outfit once, and the shorts don’t really stretch out or wrinkle very much at all. Yaay. I’m calling them my Cherry Bomb shorts, because as these photos show, it’s almost  neon-colored.

maritime shorts patternDetails:

  • Size 4 with 1 inch out of the center back seam.
  •  1/2″ extra length, for a total 3 3/4″ inseam.
  • When I finished them I didn’t have the right hook and eye, but I ordered a pack and will be installing a pants hook and eye before I wear them again.
  • Flat seat adjustment, 3/8ths inch

maritime shorts

What the heck is a Flat Seat Adjustment? Well, before this pair of shorts all of my shorts are from J.Crew or Old Navy, and within 5 minutes of wearing them the seat is baggy enough to add a loaf of bread, if they didn’t already start that way. But I’m reading the Threads Magazine compilation on Fitting for Every Figure, and learned how to take a little space out of the seat so the shorts hang straight down from my widest hip measurement, rather than drooping down. (Threads article covering this and other adjustments here.) Friends – it is a miracle!

sewing red maritime shorts

Here’s the inside, with serged seams and BLUE POCKETS! Love.

maritime shorts pattern

NEXT TIME: I cut a new size 6 as you can see the pulling across the front of the red pair which means they are too small. It’s fine in stretch, but when I make them in non-stretch I won’t be able to move or sit down ;).

maritime shorts pattern red

I also made darts above each pocket instead of taking extra from the center-back seam, made the flat seat adjustment, and added 1/2″ length. Finally, I’m planning to try out the curved hem variation.

maritime pattern adjustment

My only conundrum is that I bought black Brussels Washer Linen to make them in, and after pre-washing it, it feels kind of scratchy. I googled around and didn’t find anyone else mentioning it. Should I line them? Should I find a different fabric? I don’t want to spend eight hours on shorts I never wear because they scratch me!


  1. These both looked so good in person! Maybe you could flat-line the linen with a softer material? Flat-lining is much more simple than a regular lining.