Stripey Rayon Belcarra Blouse

I’ve decided that if I want to continue my blog I need to do it 100% on my phone. Pictures, editing and text. I hate real photo shoots by myself and pretty much have no other choice but doing phone selfies. This means handmade wardrobe posts will be shorter and probably will not contain many links because have you ever tried to toggle between windows on a smart phone? Yuck. Also, when I switched up my theme last summer I installed a mobile-friendly one so it should be easy for you to read on your phone as well! And that is all we will say about that.

This weekend I worked on the Sewaholic Belcarra blouse.


I unfortunately chose wide stripes for a raglan sleeve shirt. Such a rookie mistake!


Despite the mismatching stripes I love it and have gotten lots of compliments at work about it. Also it’s rayon which is my fave cool summer fabric. My blouse inspired a ladies meeting in the kitchen (thankyouimadeit a’la oona) where a few of the older women told me about how they used to make their own clothes in high school. I said we should start having sewing dates and I hope that happens.


Sewing notes: I was in between sizes and based on other finished garment photos I chose to size down. It’s still a little bigger in the neck and back sleeve than I would like, so I may alter the pattern before my next one. I did 100% french seams because I’m too laaaazy to re-thread my serger.

So have you made the Belcarra? Does this blouse make you want to repurpose a circus tent?

One comment

  1. well i’m thrilled you’re blogging with phone pics, i mean, at this point phones rival some cameras anyway!

    i quite like the wide candy colored stripes on the blouse, especially since you went with the stripes that are closet in color– you really don’t hang on the matching, it looks intentional. i hope you yelled SUPER loud!