Olivia Thurlow Straight-Leg Pants

You guys. I MADE PANTS! Using the fantastic Sewaholic Thurlow pattern.


Considering I’ve never made a proper blouse, it seems like a bit of an advanced project. But I’ve changed shape a bit with going gluten free (one whole year – yay!), and I wanted at least one pair of pants that actually fit and were flattering.

Another benefit to making my pants is that I could use 100% cotton twill, since it’s pretty much impossible to find women’s pants without lycra content.  I hope this means they’ll last…well…forever.

sm Olivia thurlow front bold goods

The only alteration I made was to narrow the leg using Caroline’s tutorial. I made them straight-leg, the width is the same from just above the knee to the ankle. Also, I added top-stitching in the normal jeans areas since they’re pretty snug.

The hardest part was:

olivia thurlow back bold goods
Double welt pockets. Part of the problem, I think, is that I was using both Lauren’s sew-along tutorial and the instructions. She makes the back pockets up so that the wrong side of the fabric is visible from the inside, whereas the instructions have you make them up with the right side visible. It’s no big deal which way you choose, but she doesn’t point out that fact, so I fussed for quite awhile trying to figure out if I was doing it wrong. I recommend using either the instructions or the sew-along – not both!

sm back ease thurlow bold goods

Fun fact: The rear of pants should have wrinkles when there’s no lycra content. That’s the ease that you fill out when sitting. Next time I’m going to give myself another 1/8 – 1/4″ ease.

This was was my first time trying:

sm thurlow insides bold goods
Adding a button and button hole to pants. Fun times. I put it off for two weeks, but then finally read through the tutorial and realized that none of it would be visible (score!) so then I dove right in. The sew-along tutorial was excellent. Trying to remember how to make a button hole with my machine was not. I made some notes in my manual so that it doesn’t take 7 practice tries next time.

And hey! I styled them with a winter outfit for you! You’re welcome. Haha.
sm Winter style bold goods

Coat: Zara Woman, thrifted
Scarf: Handmade by my mom’s friend Elta
Shoes: Vintage Shoe Company, made in the USA


  1. Wow that’s so impressive! I love the olive color. I just recycled a pants project I had started years ago and now hated the fabric so I still have yet to sew proper pants.
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  2. These look awesome! This is a really similar color to the one I used for my slimmer Thurlows. Love it! Congrats – you did an awesome job, and on your first go! xo Caroline (from Sewaholic :))