Into the Briar Patch Quilt

My latest quilt makes full use of the popular and sweet Briar Rose by Heather Ross fabrics.

Economy block front

Her illustrations always make me catch my breath. I don’t know how someone can both imagine the most adorable thing ever, and then draw it. I feel the same way about Lizzy House – some people just have unimaginable talent for us mere mortals. economy block bold goods

I wish I could tell you what the other fabrics are, but I no longer keep copious notes on such things. The sketchy looking ones came from a whole bundle of citrus-colored fat quarters that I am really excited to use.

I did what is now for me a standard back. Cute puppies, some color-blocked scraps, you know the drill. I love making them simple but also pretty. You can see the hand-quilting best on this side.

baby quilt back bold goods

economy block quilt bold goods

The quilt is perfect for a newborn, 36 x 36″, and I think it could really anchor a nice modern nursery, or “nursery corner” for us city-dwellers. It’s listed in the shop now.

economy block bold goods

One comment

  1. Nicole, I have always loved your aesthetic–of your quilts, your blog, everything. This quilt is no different! Great job!