Abstract Quilt

This Abstract Quilt has been on my brain from very early in my quilting days, but I was never able to pull together the right project until January-ish. I was inspired by warm colors and lots of soft negative space.

As I said it was a Winter make but I was waiting to post it until I gave it away, and then I forgot to post it!

The new owner of this quilt was born to some of our favorite friends on Mother’s Day. We can’t wait to meet him, kiss his cheeks, and maybe even hang out with him on his new quilt.

Stenciling with Plaid and Handmade Charlotte

My friends at Kollabora recently asked if I wanted to try out the new Plaid stencils designed by Handmade Charlotte - umm, yes!
Stencils Bold Goods 2

I haven’t used stencils since I was a kid and I was happy to see that there are lots of resources on the Plaid website for working with them, and the designs are modern and fun.

I decided to try out a repeating border pattern on a piece of fabric, and I found the stencils easy to use and more fun than I expected.

stencil painted Bold Goods The stencils stick right on the fabric, so you get a really clean and crisp image each time. The Plaid Folk Art acrylic paint works on fabric and is washable with heat setting.

Handmade Charlotte stenciling

I liked how each sheet comes with nice coordinating shapes so I was able to make a beautiful, cohesive print. I am impressed with how easily I was able to create something that looks like a designer border print, and can’t wait to turn it into something beautiful!


Are you interested in trying your hand at stenciling? Check out the Plaid blog for many more ideas and styles!

I also tried out some of the other shapes this weekend at a baby shower decorating onesies with my friends. Keep an eye out here as I plan to re-create some of the best designs.

Special thank you to Plaid for providing these supplies and Kollabora for asking if I’d like to try them out!

New Product: Minky-Backed Blankets!

I have been searching high and low for the perfect new addition to the shop, and I’ve finally found it: the custom monogrammed minky-backed blanket!

custom baby blanket

It was inspired by my friend Lily, who just turned two. Lily’s mom won’t let her take her baby quilt out of the house (hah! But can you blame her?!) so I designed this simple blanket that’s lightweight and durable enough for her to tote along wherever she wants to take it, and monogrammed it so that everyone will know it is hers.

Pink Green 2 Bold Goods

The back is made of a material called minky, a chenille that is softer than fleece and flannel and doesn’t pill like those fabrics do – it’s perfect!

Pin green square Bold Goods

I’ll be taking custom orders for the monogrammed versions, and also selling pre-made versions in my favorite color combinations, like this:

Blue and grey minky blanket Bold Goods

Blue and grey minky blanket2  Bold GoodsI hope you’ll check them out next time you need a gift!

Inspiration for a Snow Day

I’ve been meaning to share my excitement for two new fabric designers I learned of in the January/February issue of Frankie Magazine.

The first is illustrator Elizabeth Olwen from Toronto:

Illustration by Elizabeth Olwen

Illustration by Elizabeth Olwen

She makes lovely florals, fresh geometrics, and has a great eye for color. She has lots of stationery and Apple products accessories available, but I was so excited to learn her first line of fabric, Grey Abbey, is supposed to come out this month (!!) with Cloud 9 Fabrics:

Elizabeth Olwen Grey Abbey

Cloud 9 Fabrics

I was hoping to whip up some fresh spring couch pillows in these exact blue and yellow shades after seeing this adorable house tour on Apartment Therapy:

Photo from Apartment Therapy

Photo from Apartment Therapy

The second is Dinara Mirtalipova, an illustrator from Uzbekistan and currently living and going to school in Cleveland:

Art Print by Dinara Mirtalipova

Art Print by Dinara Mirtalipova

I love, love, lover her work, I think she uses black in such an interesting way. Her first fabric line will come out with Windham Fabrics this Spring:

Swim Team Fabric, Dinara Mirtalipova for Windham

Swim Team Fabric, Dinara Mirtalipova for Windham

These prints would be perfect for a summer beach blanket or a kids’ romper.

Hope you’re all staying safe and warm today. I took a snow day from work, and am so glad I’m not waiting at my bus stop getting pelted in the face with blowing ice right now.

Into the Briar Patch Quilt

My latest quilt makes full use of the popular and sweet Briar Rose by Heather Ross fabrics.

Economy block front

Her illustrations always make me catch my breath. I don’t know how someone can both imagine the most adorable thing ever, and then draw it. I feel the same way about Lizzy House – some people just have unimaginable talent for us mere mortals. economy block bold goods

I wish I could tell you what the other fabrics are, but I no longer keep copious notes on such things. The sketchy looking ones came from a whole bundle of citrus-colored fat quarters that I am really excited to use.

I did what is now for me a standard back. Cute puppies, some color-blocked scraps, you know the drill. I love making them simple but also pretty. You can see the hand-quilting best on this side.

baby quilt back bold goods

economy block quilt bold goods

The quilt is perfect for a newborn, 36 x 36″, and I think it could really anchor a nice modern nursery, or “nursery corner” for us city-dwellers. It’s listed in the shop now.

economy block bold goods

I’ve started my cozy, funky, wonderful Christmas Quilt this week.

christmas quilt

Back in July, the lovely ladies of the Stitch That Stash bee made me various and fantastic Christmas blocks, while I diligently avoided sewing and tried to focus on the bar exam. They are all different sizes, so I decided to put them together into larger, 22×22″ improv-pieced blocks.

Christmas quilt

I am also making a few all-improv blocks to make the design more cohesive. Not sure if that makes any sense, as the idea of improv is lack of cohesion, but I’m going with it.

Christmas quilt

I’ve been really busy the last six weeks on a contracting project, but I’m happy I finished a few weeks before Christmas so I have time to make a few handmade gifts and work on this quilt.

Christmas quilt

Have you participated in a bee? I love that each person tried a different technique. I ended up with applique, paper piecing, square-based improv blocks, and traditional blocks. I never would have had this many interesting components if I’d done it alone.

My second Baby Memory Quilt is done!

onesie quilt

Check out how full of onesies, bibs, and accoutrements it is!

boy onesie quilt

The mom who ordered it told me I didn’t have to use everything she sent, but I felt like I had to because it was all so adorable. That meant that it took hours and hours to do the layout, though, so that the colors, contrast, and scale told a cohesive story.

baby boy quilt

This kid had a fun and stylish first year. I’m so glad that in 25 years he’ll be able to look back at this little bundle of memories.

Onesie Memory QuiltThe back is the swaddling blanket he came home from the hospital in – such a cute idea.


So that’s what I’ve been up to lately. How about you?